NU Academicians: "Budget" Affirms Strong Economic Fundamentals of the State



NU Academicians:  "Budget" Affirms Strong Economic Fundamentals of the State  



 A number of academics at Najran University expressed their pride in the achievement in the budget of the state economy after being approved,  under the guidance of the leadership which proves the strength of the economy , thanks to  Allah, despite all the surrounding conditions in the region.

       The Vice Rector of Najran Univeisty Dr. Mohammed bin Ali Fayea confirmed that this country is blessed by Allah and then by the strong economic fundamentals, plans and visions implemented by the organs of the state, which was represented by the vision 2030; thus maintaining its economic position among the countries of the world.  This crowns the reflection of the keenness of the wise leadership of the citizen to enjoy prosperity, security and, spend his or her life easily amidst the facilities provided to him in education, treatment, mobility and all other spheres of life, thanks to Allah.

       Dr. Mohammed Sultan Al-Assiri, Vice Rector of the Higher Studies and Scientific Research, added that, thanks to Allah, we enjoy in this country many blessings, where the leaders of the country seek to provide everything that would facilitate the living of the citizens and residents of the generous country. What was announced in the budget regarding deficit decrease and the continuation of support increases the welfare of society and raises the level of the individual both in terms of education and all fields of life.

       Dr. Yahya Al-Hefdhi, Vice Rector for Development and Quality, expressed his pride, as it is the feeling of every citizen, in the stability and strength of the economy after the announcement of the state budget and the support enjoyed by all ministries and sectors to provide the appropriate environment for a safe and stable life for everyone in this country. Education receives support especially scientific movement, which is the best evidence of the state's interest in this sector to elevate the scientific level of our children and pay attention to their future.

         For the official spokesman of the Najran University Dr. Zuhair al-Omri, he commented on the announcement of the general budget of the state saying "Every citizen in this country has great confidence in our wise leadership, may Allah protect them, and their efforts to maintain the security and stability in this country to provide a suitable living for all who live on this land. We have a leadership that cares about all the comforts of the citizen and supports all the needs of education and other needs of life.